Wedding Fireworks

Special Effects

From fire writing, avenues of fountains, confetti cannons or a full scale multimedia performance with, fire, water, lighting, TV screens and lasers, the Komodo team have the knowledge and experience to deliver your wildest dreams and make them a reality at your wedding reception! Please feel to call us and discuss your ideas.

Example Displays

Please remember that Komodo Fireworks take great pride in tailor making our displays to your requirements. The following examples are simply ideas on where to start building your own display in terms of budget and duration. Please call us to talk through your dream display!

Lighting & Lasers - Wedding Fireworks

Lighting and Lasers

Fireworks, lighting and lasers make a powerful combination and the team at Komodo can provide a full on multi media show, designed to delight and amaze you and your wedding guests!

Weddings Fireworks - Dancing Fountains

Dancing Fountains

A multicoloured bonanza of low noise effects! Fountains, single shot comets and Roman candles are the staple of this display, combined with low noise barrages and the use of more traditional setpieces such as Catherine Wheels and lancework. Watch in awe as the Komodo team paint the sky!

Wedding Fireworks - Flames


We have a range of flame effects at our disposal, from simple coloured lanterns to full on flame projectors which can send plumes of fire high into the night sky.... Spectacular!

Wedding Fireworks - Golden Fireworks Displays

Fire Sculptures

Spectacular sculptures and pretty pictures can be created in flames by the Komodo team. From a simple love heart and initials through to fire writing and giant flaming sculptures many metres high!

Wedding Fireworks - Lancework


Lancework is the art of creating a burning coloured picture or message as a static firework drawing. Think of something you would like to see in flames, be it a personal message or linking love hearts we can turn this thought into a reality!

Wedding Fireworks - Special effects with conffetti

Confetti Effects

We can provide a vast array of diffferent coloured and shaped confetti and can cover you and your guests with a gentle flutter of hearts as the Bride and groom enter the reception for example or a deluge of snow at a winter wedding!