Wedding Fireworks

Purely Fireworks

Fireworks, pure and simple are one of the most spectacular forms of outdoor entertainment, providing the perfect end to your perfect day. The Komodo team specialise in tailor made wedding fireworks displays, using the night sky as our canvas and fireworks to paint the sky. From a small intimate wedding to grandest of celebrations, we offer the complete service for your special day!

Example Purely Firework Wedding Displays


Please remember that Komodo Fireworks take great pride in tailor making our displays to your requirements. The following examples are simply ideas on where to start building your own display in terms of budget and duration. Please call us to talk through your dream display!

Wedding fireworks display leicester

Confetti £595.00 (Duration  ~ 5 mins)

Komodo´s Entry level wedding package is both intense and spectacular. The show consists of a non stop barrage of vivid colours, noise and effects tailored to the colour scheme of your wedding. A great value show consisting of roman candles, display barrages and finale of aerial display shells. Good things certainly can, and do come in small packages!

Champagne Weddings fireworks Derby

Champagne £795.00 ( Duration ~ 5-7 mins)

The Champagne display is an effervescent mix of colour and effects. Our show designers have spent great time and effort in selecting and choreographing some of the best value for money products and effects to compliment your day. The champagne display is a cork popping display and provides great value for money.

Wedding Fireworks display in Surrey Display

Silver Spectacular £995.00 (Duration ~ 7- 10 mins)

Approximately 10 minutes of breathtaking effects, sky-filling action, choreographed dancing comets and barrages of roman candles, combine in unison in the silver spectacular. Expect a show that will delight and entertain your audience, and watch out for the heart shaped fireworks in the finale as our display team paints the sky!

Golden dream wedding fireworks in Oxford

Golden Dream £1495.00 (Duration ~ 10-12 mins)

Step up the pace and intensity with the Golden Dream package. This show is jam packed with some of the best quality fireworks that truly fill the sky! Watch with amazement as our display team fills the air with a non stop kaleidoscope of colour and effects choreographed to compliment your wedding day!

Wedding fireworks - Married Bliss

Married Bliss £1975.00 (Duration ~ 12-15 mins)

Our Married Bliss display is a true union of colour, noise and effects. Our display team utilizes some of the very latest products available to produce a truly unique and breathtaking display. Premium display shells, Roman candles and display barrages are combined in perfect harmony to produce an exquisite finale to your perfect day.

Wedding Fireworks - Awestruck

Awestruck £2495.00 (Duration ~ 20 mins)

The title of this display says it all! From the outset to the finale, our display team dazzle the senses and will leave you awestruck! We fired this display earlier in the year at Kilworth House Hotel for Mrs Spendlove Mason and she summed up the display in just four words in her letter of thanks: "WOW…… absolutely...... mind blowing"!