Wedding Fireworks

Low Noise

Wedding Fireworks at a noise sensitive location?– not a problem! We like to think of our low noise displays as "Artistry in Fireworks" where our show designers concentrate on the visual dynamics of the display in order to achieve spectacular effects. By sourcing our fireworks from a host of manufacturers and importers, we are still able to offer our customers a wide variety of colours and effects in low noise options, and have a reputation for producing spectacular outdoor bangs with, or without the bangs when required!

Our low noise displays start from £750.00 and are tailor made to your requirements, the colour scheme, venue and theme of your day. Don't forget that we can also  offer low noise pyromusical displays for budgets of £1500 and upwards to add an extra special dimension to your perfect day!

Example Displays

Please remember that Komodo Fireworks take great pride in tailor making our displays to your requirements. The following examples are simply ideas on where to start building your own display in terms of budget and duration. Please call us to talk through your dream display!


Harlequin fireworks display

Harlequin £750.00 (Duration ~ 5 mins)

Our show designers have spent great time and effort in selecting and choreographing some of the best value for money low noise products and effects to compliment your day. Colour shape and movement form a quintessential medley of effects that will delight and entertain your guests.

Weddings - Champagne Fireworks

Summer Breeze £995.00 (Duration ~ 5-7 mins)

A multicoloured bonanza of low noise effects! Fountains, single shot comets and Roman candles are the staple of this display, combined with low noise barrages and the use of more traditional setpieces such as Catherine Wheels and lancework. Watch in awe as the Komodo team paint the sky!

Wedding Fireworks - Silver Spectacular Display

Dancing Candles £1450.00 (Duration ~ 7-10 mins)

A choreographed ballet of Roman candles, electrically fired to produce the very best in pyrotechnical art and structure. With colours chosen to enhance your colour scheme and theme, you can be sure of a dramatic and dynamic spectacle that will delight your guests and enhance your special day.

Wedding Fireworks - Moonlight Fireworks Displays

Moonlight Serenade £2450.00 (Duration ~ 10-15 mins)

Step up the pace and intensity with the Moonlight Serenade. This show is jam packed with some of the best quality low noise fireworks that truly fill the sky! Watch with amazement as our display team paints the sky with a non stop kaleidoscope of colour shape and effects. A blend of the traditional and the modern in pyrotechnic art, combine in unison to form a low noise spectacle to compliment and add that extra dimension to your special day!