Event Fireworks

Indoor Fireworks


The Komodo Fireworks team has produced a host of spectacular indoor and arena displays for corporate, national and international clients. By using the very latest digital firing systems capable of split second timing, our show designers are able to safely create dramatic and breathtaking effects within the confines of a close proximity environment.

Whether you are looking to generate drama during a product launch, or a fully choreographed display for a concert, or media presentation, our show designers have a host of pyrotechnic and special effects to utilize in order to create a dazzling display for you and your audience.

When producing displays in close proximity to both audience and performers, the choice of product and a commitment to health and safety is of paramount importance. The Komodo team has built an enviable reputation for producing safe and spectacular indoor and arena displays.


“We only use ultra reliable UK manufactured indoor effects to ensure the safety of you, your guests and the venue”